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What it is: Sex dating game that combines AI, POV porn video, and text interaction.
VirtualFem Website
Content: X-Rated, POV, real women, chatting, stripping, masturbation, blowjobs, sex, anal
Cost: $29.95 / month. Membership provides all the girls available from 2004 to present.

Review: This game originally came out around 2004, but they release a new girl every month and regularly update their software. It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology combined with real video of real women for the player to interact with. So you type what you want her to do and hopefully she does it. The girls generally don't defy you but they often misunderstand, or simply the video for the action you want isn't available for that girl, but sometimes you can tell her to pinch her nipples (for example) and she does it. Most of the time you can get what you want provided it's within the reasonable range of expected sexual activities, and it's full on explicit x-rated action. There are so many women to choose from if you're just getting started, that you will definitely find multiples of the type you like. Most of them are hot, the rest are at least fuckable.


Bottom line: Sometimes you just want a real woman with real hardcore action.

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