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VGirl 3D

What it is: Virtual girlfriend who does what you say and responds to your chatting.
V-Girl 3D Website | Purchase Link
Content: Virtual Girlfriend, AI conversations, Stripping, Nudity, Dildo fucking, Body customization.
Cost: $34.00 download


Here you have a beautiful virtual girlfriend who you can dress up or strip at will, and communicate with as she walks around a variety of paradise locations. What's not to like? While not a traditional sex game, this interactive experience may give you something you may be missing, whether or not you have someone in your life. She will always listen to you, get naked whenever you want, and let you fuck her from behind with a dildo. More sexual options would be nice, and perhaps will be forthcoming from the developer in the future. The AI (artificial intelligence) responds and reacts to what you say, learning as you go. So your conversations will theoretically shape her personality, molding her to your liking. You can make very drastic adjustments to her boobs and hips, and really create your voluptuous dream girl. It's tough not to get sucked in by all this. It's a very pleasant diversion. Or obsession.


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