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Venus Hostage

What it is: FPS adventure game with sex and nudity
Venus Hostage Website
Content: First-person movement, story, puzzles, sexuality
Cost: $24.95 monthly access to all Sex Game Devil games and minigames.

Review: There is much less sex than there is Half Life style adventure gaming in Venus Hostage but that is a good thing. It's nice to enjoy a great story with many twists and turns and puzzle solving in addition to many sexual moments. The sex and nudity add a much needed adult layer to FPS gaming, rivaled by almost zero games over the years that have done the same. Only the Witcher series comes to mind. It's a shame it doesn't happen more often. A gaming experience in a more realistic environment where adults act like adults is what makes Venus Hostage unique. You will enjoy the simple environmental puzzles and unexpected turns of events as you progress through the game. Truly unique and sexy.

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