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Nightstud 3

What it is: Dating life simulation
Nightstud 3 Website
Content: real women, x-rated, stats, inventory, virtual dating
Cost: $19.95 download

Review: This is a full on simulation of a busy dating life. The goal is to score with as many girls as possible. To get your foot in the door, you will need to improve various skills including such things as appearance, reputation, and penis size, among others. This can be done by visiting the appropriate places on the map, such as the gym, and clothing and drug stores. Then it's time to hit the singles clubs where more stats come into play, such as how drunk the girl you are talking to is. If things go well she comes back to your place and maybe puts out. There are other items you can purchase before going out that will help at this time. The sex plays out as explicit porn videos, and some of your stats increase after the money shot. Better stats means better girls and back out onto the town you go.

I was somewhat disappointed by the way the sex videos are not the girl you picked up whose face is in the thumbnail, and the gameplay is pretty repetitive. But if you like the thrill of the hunt, and the prize is porn, you might like climbing the dating ladder in this stats heavy dating simulation.

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