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Nemo's Whores

What it is: Explicit sex game with couples and threesomes
Nemo's Whores Website
Content: 3D, blowjobs, fucking, anal, threesomes, cumshots, hetero and one hot shemale
Cost: $24.95 monthly access to all Sex Game Devil games and minigames.

Review: Taking place in a huge submerged underwater vessel, Nemo's Whores gives you control over where your character walks among several nicely designed locations. Each area has a girl or girls to interact with. Walk over to her or them to start a sexual interaction involving a plethora of positions, or have them do something unique to the location, like fuck a wine bottle on the table. When you are ready you can shoot lots of cum all over the girl for as long as you like. The pool room features two girls, one of which has a cock which makes more sense than a strap-on in a 3D game. A shemale is much more sexy in a virtual environment, because everything else about her is genuinely female. This allows for double penetration and double the amount of tits and pretty girl faces. Of course both ladies can go down on him at the same time, which isn't found in very many sex games. They are also doing it in the pool, another uncommon occurence. Fun, erotic, and nicely animated.

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