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Life Selector

What it is: Explicit POV porn game with real women and branching story lines.
Life Selector Website
Content: Real girls, interactive POV video, sex, oral, facials, anal, threesomes, story, dialog.
Cost: Early parts of the games are free, then use credits to advance.
1000 Credits = $39.95 (best value)
500 Credits = $29.95
100 Credits = $9.95

Review: This is a large collection high quality porn stories. Spank schoogirls and get hot for teacher in Sorrority Secrets; be the gardener that the rich ladies get all hot for in Adventures of a Gardener; or get the best promotion ever as you seduce your high power boss lady or craven office underlings in Fuck that Promotion. These are just a few of the interactive and explicit games you can play on Life Selector, which features real women. You are given an impressive amount of choices on how to proceed, considering this is all filmed video. This applies to the story based preamble as well as the explicit sex that happens later. If you want to get to the goodies more quickly, simply skip forward to the dirty parts. There is spoken dialog and a narrator for many of the shows.


Two things jump out at me while playing these interactive stories. One is that the girls are really hot, considerably more so than other POV games that use real women, which are more hit or miss. Lithe young females with innocent personalities juxtapose sexy voluptuous MILF types, and everything in-between. The second is the variety of stories, and branching choices within each story. Some are simple, short affairs, but most of the newest shows provide a more epic experience. Most impressive of all are the multiple chicks to hook up with during the course of each story.


The sex part is well filmed and expanded with options. A kneeling blowjob means you might be able to smack her face, or gag her with your on-screen cock. Access to her spread legs means your fingers or dick in her pussy or asshole. Random choices appear such as making her suck your fingers, spanking, nipple or clit play, and more unusual activities depending on the scenario. Almost every sex scene ends with a load of cum in her mouth or on her face.


Learn more about Life Selector here.


There are many hot porn stars to choose from, as well as plenty of young fresh faces. Here are some more story examples:


Juggle the challenge of four babes in Friendship with Benefits

Fuck the rich wife in Bodyguard in Action

Play the bad cop and blackmail foreign girls who will do anything for a green card in Immigrant Issues

Have a foot fetish? Foot Fanatic

Be a Dominatrix woman and control your slavegirl in POV Mistress

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