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Juliet Sex Session

What it is: Explicit virtual sex game with one couple and multiple sex positions.
Juliet Sex Session website | Sex Game Devil
Content: blowjobs, sex, anal, cumshot, 69, handjob, footjob, customization
Cost: $24.95 monthly access to all Sex Game Devil games and minigames.

Review: This game takes place in a long abandoned public restroom where you control the sexual actions of a naked couple. As the sunlight shines in through the window, the beautiful 3D blonde girl will fuck, suck, masturbate, and readily accept loads of cum all over her face and body. There are many activities to choose from, and the graphics and animations are very detailed and erotic, up to 2560x1600 resolution. The mouse driven interface is smooth and rotates around the action with ease. There is also a free camera option to get any angle you prefer. In addition to the standard fare, she can give a foot job, and she will tantalizingly lick the cock before sucking it. There is also mutual masturbation and 69 position, and the fountain can be utilized to fondle her clit. There are a few outfit choices, a couple hair styles, and a slider that smoothly adjusts her breast size, from very small to massive, with every cup size in between. When the time is right, you have fine control over where and when he shoots his load, and for how long, drowning her in cum if so desired. This is a very erotic, no nonsense sex game that will likely provide just enough satisfaction without any extra bells and whistles, until the next time you're ready to fire up the game.

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