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Hentai 3D 2


What it is: Anime based 3D sex game
Hentai 3D 2 Website | Signup Page
Content: Hentai, sex, blowjobs, anal; All the sexual content found in 3DSexVilla 2. Add in tentacles and other anime styled porn.
Cost: Uses the Sex Coins system, refer to 3DSexVilla 2 for more info.

Review: With all the sex positions and customizations available from 3DSexVilla 2, and plenty of typical hentai and anime themes added in, Hentai3D 2 is the most full featured 3D game of its type. Which is unfortunate. Because even though all manner of cartoon and hand drawn and even 3D based hentai games exist, there aren't any other fully 3D games that I know of outside of Japan. Yes, there are Illusion games for example but they aren't distributed outside of their homeland. The reason this is unfortunate is that the models in Hentai3D 2 are only marginally representative of cartoony anime babes, and it's not as if this is really that difficult a task to accomplish. The same developer's first Hentai 3D game, with the older graphics engine, did a remarkable job of getting that "look" correct. The sequel reviewed here uses the same engine as 3DSexVilla 2, which was designed for realism, not exaggeration. However, you may still appreciate what is on offer here, just know that it is 3DSexVilla 2 filtered through a sort of hentai lense with tentacle porn and a few other hentai stylings. I for one was disappointed, and hope for a return to the true hentai look in a future iteration. (Anyone remember UltraVixen?)

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