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What it is: Lesbian and masturbation sex game with 3D young girls
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Content: Masturbation, fingering pussy/asshole, fondling tits, lesbian kissing/sex, strap-on penises
Cost: $39.99 download

Review: When you load up this game you are given your first lesson. Touch the girl in all the right ways, and you continue to the next round. After you fondle her tits, finger her pussy, fuck her asshole with a lollipop , among other things, you are free to play with that girl how you like. Then choose to continue the "education," and move onto the next girl, unlocking more dirty things to do, sex toys, outfits, accessories, and locations. Move the camera where ever you like around the action, and add up to three more views, akin to picture-in-picture, and each new view on the side can be interacted with as the main window. Adjust any to the angle of your choice. Fondle her tits in the main view, and fuck her pussy with a vibrator in one of the secondary windows. See all of what you're doing from multiple angles. Then advance further in the game to make the young babes hook up with each other, tongue kissing, fingering each others' holes, and fucking with strap-on penises, all with sexy animations and girlish oohs and aahs.

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