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What it is: Interactive story between a girl and a dickgirl via 3D animation
Girlfriends4Ever Link | Affect3D Website
Content: high quality 3D babe, video, POV, fucking, anal, blowjob, lesbian, dickgirl, cumshot, story
Cost: $24.95

Review: From the creator of Ayako Sex Addiction comes another high quality 3D porn experience. This uber explicit interactive movie features two gorgeous, statuesque, large-breasted and idealized females who are in love with each other's insatiable sexuality. One of them is a dickgirl or shemale if you prefer, but is actually 100% female with a massive penis. Every scene is full video, not still images, and smoothly animated right down to the tiniest detail. It's not much of a game, but you may control some aspects of the video such as speed, as well as choose your clips, some of which tell a piece of the story, others are extras. Very explosive and real looking 3D pornography.

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