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What it is: Beautiful women masturbate and have explicit lesbian sex on your desktop in intervals.
DeskBabes Website | Free download
Content: real women, stripping, masturbation, lesbian sex, kissing
Cost: $34.95/month for unlimited access to all girls OR use credits (for example $25 = 20 credits and $50 = 50 credits)

Review: The stunningly hot women found in VirtuaGirl get considerably more dirty in DeskBabes. Just like in its counterpart, the girls will show up on your desktop and strip; but then they will partake in full penetration masturbation and full on explicit lesbian lovemaking. Other than that, the interface and controls are the same as in VirtuaGirl. Certainly ups the ante if you like anything about VirtuaGirl already, and I can't express enough how gorgeous the women are. This just reinforces my belief that the hottest women in this industry don't do porn. They strip, masturbate and have sex with each other instead.

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