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What it is: Open-world 3D videogame with sex, drugs, fighting, and quests
Bonetown Website | Free Trial
Content: blowjobs, sex, anal, cumshot, combat, missions, exploration, voice acting, comedy
Cost: $34.99 download | $39.99 DVD

Review: This game might possibly be the first and only videogame - not simulation - that has full-on explicit sex in it. An adventure game that blends arcade action with exploration and sexual conquest, BoneTown adds what's missing in mainstream games that only clever modding has sought to replace. Although the gameplay is rather simplistic, the systems all get the job done, whether you are in a street fight or bumping uglies. You progress through the game by completing missions and getting special sexual encounters that you won't get to experience randomly on the street. All unlocked encounters and more can be reexperienced later from the main menu. Successfully winning a fight means you can assume your fallen opponent's identity, along with their goofy personality stereotype, but more importantly their superior prowess in both fighting and sex. When you're just getting started out, you'll be lucky to get action from the fat bitches, but as you improve yourself by assuming more identities and completing missions, the slender babes will soon start saying yes to your advances. A wide range of weapons is available, along with various drug and alcohol buffs that will aid your skills and help get you through those rough spots, just like in real life.

There is a wonderful sense of freedom because not only can you pick a fight with any dude passing by (females too, but they won't fight back), but you can ask any chick to dance. And by dance, I mean fucking, blowjob, or anal. Depending on their level of attractiveness, they will only start saying yes when you've started to make a name for yourself by advancing through the game. The sex scenes, which can occur right there on the street or in any public place, are well animated and bouncy. You can spank the ass at will, grab her head for some blow job gagging, or hit a key that makes your current incarnation spit out some degrading line during sex. The girls moan and talk in convincing ways, and your load streams out of your dick onto her face. When you do something bad in view of a spinning 'pyramid eye,' a secret service type comes after you, and must be dealt with. You can even assume his identity and voice.

The graphics are rather cartoonish but still easy on the eyes, and don't diminish the sexiness of the hotties around every corner. The characters are all fully voice-acted and the presentation is top notch, especially given the subject matter. There are some nice music tracks as well. The comedy is large and the political correctness is thankfully bankrupt.

There are quite a few areas, all with their own quirks and surprises. The first area is a small beach front city, yet nearby is a seemingly enchanted forest housing a tribe of bushmen. And you can bet that you will be able to fuck the bushwomen. That sums up the contrast found in the game, and expect to find many other areas with their own cultures and funny stereotypes.

It's fun to explore but there are large areas of the game with nothing more to do than run. It does seem a bit empty in areas as a result. But there is a decent amount of people wandering around to interact with. The bosses in the game are difficult, and some battles are just painfully frustrating. Completing a mission usually means dealing with a boss, and the boss fight is split into two parts. Finding out the right combination of weapon plus drug or alcohol is usually the key.

For what this game offers - freedom, sex, adventure, and comedy - you really can't go wrong. It's the only game that puts all those elements together, and it does it incredibly well. That's what makes BoneTown great.

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