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What it is: Sci-fi and fantasy action and sex game.
Bonecraft Website
Content: blowjobs, sex, anal, cumshot, orgy, combat, story, cutscenes, voice acting, comedy
Cost: $34.99 download | $39.99 DVD

Review: Experience many sexual interactions with female robot slaves, sexy elf babes, and horny orc ladies, all while trying to lead your squad of macho space explorers through action packed arcade battles. BoneCraft combines X-rated sexual activities with standard space and fantasy gaming conventions, and results in a very unique experience to say the least. The cut scenes are well done and the comedy is outrageous and abundant, as are the random and hiliarious lines from your fellow space marines, whose personalites can be changed with upgrades. There is a lot of combat, and it is challenging, and often overwhelming. Winning waves of battles is usually rewarded with a pile of debaucherous sex , but many times the sexual conquests occur in the midst of battle with orcs or elves. You or members of your squad will partake in screwing their female counterparts while the war rages on all around. During sex there is a wide array of positions and interactions, including fingering, blow jobs, anal, spanking, and of course sex from every angle. There are also threesomes and an orgy.

It's a really fun game and you will certainly get many hours of enjoyment if this type of game interests you, but it does start to get old after a while. There are moments of frustration during combat, and it doesn't quite have the same appeal as BoneTown, which provides a much more open experience, has a bit of an edge to it, and a larger variety of characters (and females to fuck). Still, there's no other game like BoneCraft, and if you have played any kind of fantasy or space game before but thought that sex would complete the game experience, I recommend you check this one out.

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