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Ayako Sex Addiction

What it is: Interactive story via image and animation sequences
Affect3D Website
Content: high quality 3D babe, POV, fucking, anal, blowjob, footjob, cumshots, story
Cost: $17.95

Review: Astounding 3D pornographic imagery that is both high detail and extremely erotic. You interact in basic ways, much like a linear hentai game, but with a series of well crafted 3D sex scenes and simple animations. Most of the content is from your perspective, seeing though the eyes of a guy with a huge cock that is always very hard. The audio of her moans can be adjusted at varying levels of intensity and sounds sexy. She comments to you throughout the presentation with text, usually surprised by the constant mindblowing fucking that your character unleashes upon her voluptuous body. Her breasts are fantastically large and she gets sweaty. You shoot huge loads out of your cock all over her several times during the scenario, and the guy relentlessly jams his dick in her mouth, pussy, and ass. There are bonus scenarios including lesbians.

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