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What it is: Erotic Fantasy Simulator - Free roaming FPS
XStoryPlayer Website
Content: sex, oral, anal, BDSM, pissing, cumshots, forcing, rape, clothes stripping, story, puzzles
Cost: $18.00 for XStoryPlayer 3.5
$9 to Upgrade

Update: XstoryPlayer 3.5 adds improvements and more erotic stories. Also added is a sex dungeon where you may dominate one or two female characters in many different ways.

You can move around freely to interact with women and objects (not the same thing of course) in this FPS style sex game. There are some basic tasks and/or conversations to complete in the story mode, and sure enough you will find yourself in one kinky situation after another. One story has you drugging your bitchy boss lady, and then dragging her passed out body back to your apartment where you chain her up and exact revenge until she likes it. In another you are the teacher for one lone schoolgirl on Sex Education Day, and in another you are a photographer who discovers your subject's kinky secrets. Each story has multiple plotlines.

But you don't have to waste your time with that, there is a shortcut to the fast sex. However I recommend getting through the stories to experience the best eroticism from this game, and possibly any game. The movement and interaction keys may be a bit cumbersome, but it's a small price to pay for this level of freedom and interactivity. You can cum or pee on the girls anywhere, at any time (initially with not very welcome response as expected), and type commands to them. You can also strip them yourself, thanks to realistic clothing that can be grabbed and moved around to reveal nudity, or even unbuttoned. Sex in multiple positions is available, including anal and blow jobs, but you will have to maneuver their bodies and your cock to get it to enter the hole without flopping out. Dildos, a paddle, a whip, nipple clamps with attachable weights, etc are available to administer pleasure and abuse, and each item leaves realistic marks on her body. You will find yourself doing many things you would more than likely never do in real life (I hope); and just like GTA type games, you are safe to do crazy shit in a video game, and have fun with it. This game is a treat all around, if you can get past the clunky controls (which didn't bother me that much but not everyone agrees), you will absolutely love playing with these women in such a free and realistic manner.

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